Carrie Dewberry - Cofounder


Carrie develops the activity sheets and mentoring program. She is also the co-author of ATU books and the assistant director for Acing The Undergrad: The Show.


Columbia University

M.A. Curriculum and Teaching: Elementary Ed., 4.0 GPA


North Carolina A&T

B.S. Elementary Ed. and Special Ed., 4.0 GPA


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Emeka and Carrie both achieved great success in college, while overcoming great adversity. During college, they always found ways to mentor current college freshmen and anyone who was college bound. Upon graduation they both wanted a way to continue sharing their tools of success, but on a grander scale. Therefore, they created Acing The Undergrad. Emeka and Carrie believe that every student can be successful in college if they are aware of the college fundamentals and consistently apply them! Emeka and Carrie's goal is to make this a reality for each student who desires to become a college graduate.



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Emeka Anazia - Cofounder & CEO


Emeka develops the ATU speaking events, workshops, online courses, and mentoring program. He is also the co-author of ATU books and the director and writer for Acing The Undergrad: The Show.


North Carolina A&T

B.S. Industrial Supply Chain Management, 3.8. GPA


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Maureen Anyanwu - STEM Developer 


Maureen helps to develop and facilitate the ATU STEM workshops.


The Cooper Union For The Advancement of Art and Science

B.S. Chemical Engineering



Todd McCauley - Graphic Designer 


Todd creates graphic designs for ATU programs. 


North Carolina A&T

B.S. Graphic Communication Systems


Robb Webb - Videographer and Editor 


Rob works behind the scenes for ATU productions and is in charge of videography and editing. 


North Carolina A&T

B.S. Mass Media Production