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ATU Scholarships Prizes


We provide scholarship opportunities throughout the year. 

Ultimate ATU Kahoot Competitions 

Place top 4 in our "Ultimate ATU Kahoot" competition and receive a cash scholarship prize. 

ATU: Quiz Game 

Place top 4 in the "World Leaderboards" or your specific college's/program's leaderboard.

My Acing The Undergrad Story

Explain the following in a video format and send it to us via email at

  1. Tell us about yourself (your name, where you are from, classification, and college you attend)

  2. What was your favorite ATU principle and why?

  3. How has learning the ATU Method impacted your overall freshmen year college experience and growth as a student

  4. How has learning the ATU method helped your life?


Top three videos will be reward with a scholarship prize. Videos will be judged based on creativity, quality, and answering the questions correctly. 


Eligibility and Scholarship Dates 

Follow both of our Instagram profiles at @emekavanazia and @acingundergrad for updates on when we will be hosting scholarship competitions and for eligibility. Other scholarship opportunities are available specifically for students at some of our high schools and colleges.

ATU: Quiz Game


ATU: Quiz Game is a free turn-based quiz game covering the topics in the Acing the Undergrad course for college success. You will fight through 10 levels against enemies that will try to stop you from becoming a successful student!


Click Here to play!


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