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Speaking Event & Workshop Topics


The Acing The Undergrad engaging speaking events and workshops are motivational, educational, and entertaining.

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Sneak Peek

<-- Check out this short video that shows part three of our interactive workshop, "Dominating The Game Of College?" During this final portion of the workshop, students develop their own college goals after being motivated and understanding why it's so important to have a game plan in college. 

Sneak Peek

<-- Check out this short video that shows part two of one of our interactive workshops. During this portion of the workshop, students get a visual of the ATU principle by watching an episode of ATU: The Show. Lastly, students participate in a Kahoot quiz.

Sneak Peek

<-- Check out this short clip that shows students enjoying Kahoots and trying to win prizes during some of our workshops.

Sneak Peek

<-- Check out this short clip that shows students enjoying skits showcasing code switching during the "Personal Branding and Code Switching" workshop

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<-- Check out this short clip that shows students learning about networking and developing their elevator pitch.

Sneak Peek

<-- Check out this short clip that shows adults learning about the secrets for being confident in any situation. 

Speaking Event Reviews

DCCC TRiO Talent Search used Acing The Undergrad to help prepare our 11th and 12th-grade students for college. My students looked forward to Emeka coming out each month and often requested that they could have more time. Acing The undergrad provides real-life examples of what to expect when you get to college in video format, text, as well as handouts to reinforce what was learned. Emeka also does a quiz through kahootz at the end of each lesson, which my students really enjoyed competing with one another to see who would win. Overall, Acing the Undergrad is a very thorough program that really gives college bound students and current college students a closer look at what to expect during college. We do plan to continue to use Acing The Undergrad next year! 

Darci Jones - DCCC TRIO Talent Search, Student Success Advisor

Energetic, engaging, honest, informative and thorough are some of the words that I would use to describe Mr. Emeka Anazia's approach to delivering his Acing The Undergrad programming to students. Mr. Anazia takes special care to diligently present timely and helpful information to his audiences on the great benefits that result from student's being more intentional about successfully navigating their college experiences. I would highly recommend Mr. Anazia and his comprehensive Acing The Undergrad program to educators who are in need of programming that will help "light the fire" within their pupils to begin to think more seriously about how to be successful academically, socially and professionally during their collegiate experiences.


Erica Greenlee- DCCC TRIO Talent Search, Student Success Advisor

Acing The Undergrad is a great program that really helped our summer camp participants become better students.  The students really loved the interactive workshops and the content of the sessions. Mr. Anazia is a great speaker and is really keeps the students energized and focused.  This is our second year having Mr. Anazia facilitate some of our workshops, and we are definitely interested in having him again.


Irran J. Duncan - USC Educational Talent Search Program, College Advisor

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