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Carrie Dewberry


Carrie Dewberry was accepted into North Carolina A&T State University’s School of Education as an honor student, with a full scholarship in 2007.


While in college, Carrie held leadership positions in various honor societies and professional organizations. Carrie also studied abroad in Ghana, Singapore, Malaysia, France, and Italy. In addition to making excellent grades, Carrie was involved in tutoring and mentoring during all four years of college with organizations such as AmeriCorps and Upward Bound.


In 2011, Carrie graduated from A&T with a 4.0 G.P.A. as valedictorian, with a B.S. degree in Elementary Education and Special Education.


Carrie then earned her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Teaching: Elementary Education at Columbia University’s Teacher’s College in the city of New York. Carrie now lives in Durham, NC.


Carrie leads the development of Acing The Undergrad workshops, activity sheets, and mentoring program. She is also the co-author of ATU books and the assistant director for Acing The Undergrad: The Show.




Favorite TV Show

The Walking Dead


Favorite Food

Teriyaki Tofu


Favorite Book Series

Unwind & The Hunger Games


Favorite Musician

Ed Sheeran and Sam Smith


Favorite Place To Visit

New York City


Interesting Fact



Favorite Quote

"How you do anything is how you should do everything"



Columbia University, New York, NY

M.A. Curriculum and Teaching: Elementary Education

4.0 GPA


North Carolina A&T, Greensboro, NC

B.S. Elementary Ed & Special Ed

4.0 GPA


Studied Abroad: Singapore/Malaysia, France/Italy, and Ghana


Mentored every year: Upward Bound Mentor & Honors Mentor


Won over $20,000 dollars in scholarships


Held a part time job every semester


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