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ATU Mentoring Program


The Acing The Undergrad Mentoring Program is the perfect resource for anyone college bound or currently in college!


Students face many worries about starting and successfully getting through college: Why am I here? Am I prepared? What should be my major? How do I succeed? Should I join this organization? How do I get this internship?


It is normal for any college students, whether just starting out, or returning for another year, to feel overwhelmed about this journey.


College can be a truly incredible, enriching, and unforgettable experience if students have a mentor and positive support group to help them make the right professional and personal decisions along they way!


The Program

The mentoring program not only teaches the Acing The Undergrad Method, but also helps students apply its principles consistently. Acing The Undergrad mentors are successful college graduates who are there to personally guide, coach, and motivate college students who need additional support!


The mentoring program is individualized and specifically tailored to meet the needs of each mentee. All of the advice and direction provided during the mentoring program is in line with the principles outlined in the Acing The Undergrad Method. This mentoring program helps students set college goals, achieve their goals, and get the most out of their college career. 



The Format

The Acing The Undergrad Mentoring Program offers group sessions, which meet every two weeks. These sessions provide students the opportunity to network with other like-minded peers and to develop a positive support group on their campus.

One-on-one sessions with the mentor are also provided on an as needed basis. Students can contact their mentor when they need advice, and do not have to feel alone, making difficult college decisions by themselves.


The mentoring program is very structured and follows a copy-written curriculum based on the book Acing The Undergrad: Your Personal Mentor. It is interactive, hands-on, and provides consistent guidance and individualized feedback to each mentee.



The Levels

Foundational Level:

The foundational level mentoring program is designed for college students new the Acing The Undergrad Method. Session topics include goal setting, time management, succeeding in class, networking, opportunities, internships, scholarships, and more!


Advanced Level:

The advanced level mentoring program is designed for students who have successfully completed the foundational level program. Session topics include leadership, excellence, personal branding, soft skills, preparing for the real world, and more!




For inquiries (more information, pricing, etc.) email





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