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About Us


The Inspiration

Around 40% of students that enroll in college in the United States drop out after their freshman year. Among those that graduate, 53% are either unemployed or working in a job that doesn't require a bachelor's degree. Students across the nation are entering college without the preparation they need to succeed and get the most out of their college experience. Therefore, these students are leaving college ill-equipped for the working world. The mission of Acing The Undergrad is to make college success common sense for everyone! ATU equips students with the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be successful in college and beyond!


The creators of Acing The Undergrad, Emeka Anazia and Carrie Dewberry, both achieved great success in college while overcoming great adversity. During college, they always found ways to mentor current college freshmen and anyone who was college bound. Upon graduation they both wanted a way to continue sharing their tools of success, but on a grander scale. Therefore, they created Acing The Undergrad. Emeka and Carrie believe that every student can be successful in college if they are aware of the college fundamentals and consistently apply them! Emeka and Carrie's goal is to make this a reality for each student who desires to become a college graduate.


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The Action

Acing The Undergrad is a business that helps colleges improve their retention and graduation rates by transforming their students into students of excellence. This goal is achieved by the implementation of the "Acing The Undergrad Method." The ATU method is a plan for college success, which consists of mastering ten principles, or college fundamentals, that will set any student on the right path to achieving their college and life goals.


The Acing The Undergrad Method is best used in conjunction with the ATU products and services. These products and services help prepare students for college life, help them stay in college, excel in college, and thoroughly enjoy their college experience!


The Difference

There are many resources available about how to get to college: finding the right college, completing the college application, getting accepted, SAT/ACT prep, applying for financial aid, etc. But there is very little information on what students should do once they get to college and how to stay in college. If there is not something in place to support students while in college, students can easily drop out or graduate with credentials so poor that they are not able to be successful in the working world. Getting to college is one thing, but getting through college is another. ATU helps students get through college with excellence.


Also, its creators and owners, who are both Summa Cum Laude college graduates, teach the Acing The Undergrad Method personally. The owners, Emeka and Carrie, both aced the undergrad and are 100% hands on with the college students.


Finally, Acing The Undergrad uses unique methods and resources to help college students learn and apply the Acing The Undergrad Method. Their resources are interactive, specifically tailored to impact the 21st century college student. For example, students can choose to learn the Acing The Undergrad Method through Acing The Undergrad: The Show, which is the first ever web-series that teaches college success (based on the book, Acing The Undergrad: Your Personal Mentor).


The Partners

Acing The Undergrad primarily works with colleges, high schools, and college-prep programs. Acing The Undergrad increases retention and graduation rates for these organizations by focusing on the students - transforming them into students to excellence. These organizations are using the ATU book, show, mentoring program, speaking events, and consulting in order to help their students succeed in college or simply to prepare for college success.


Acing The Undergrad also works with individuals - Parents, college students, and anyone college-bound. The ATU products and services can be greatly utilized by anyone attending a 4-year university, community college, online school, or even graduate school! The ATU book, show, and mentoring program are great resources for anyone with a desire to excel in college.

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