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The first show ever to teach students how to have college success


Acing the Undergrad: The Show is a web-series that follows one college student through the triumphs and challenges of his freshmen year, meanwhile teaching the viewers how to thrive in college and get the most out of their experience!

This ten episode web-series can be used in classrooms to teach college success. Each episode helps to teach one of the ten principles in the Acing The Undergrad Method. The end of each episode has discussion questions for the audience to help them apply the principle learned. This resource is most effective when used in conjunction with Acing The Undergrad: Your Personal Mentor  or as a part of the Acing The Undergrad: Online Course.
ATU: The Show is no longer available for free on YouTube and can be purchased at Kahoots are also available.
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EPISODE 1: The Best Time of My Life?


Jared goes to his first ever college class. While in his dorm room he meets his two personal mentors.


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EPISODE 2: Where Did The Time Go?


Jared becomes overwhelmed with juggling his school work & social life. The two mentors teach him time management skills.


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EPISODE 3: Leveling Up


Jared is terrible in math. He has to use multiple strategies to overcome this hurdle and excel in class.


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EPISODE 4: The Office Hour


Jared is curious to know why Cynthia, an "A student," wants to meet with Dr. Okoye during his office hours.


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EPISODE 5: Who Knows You?


Renee is an "A" student but she still is not "Acing The Undergrad."



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EPISODE 6: Take it or Leave It?


Jared runs against Cynthia for freshman class president. He learns the benefits of taking advantage of opportunities, win or lose.


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EPISODE 7: A Fine Line


Cynthia gets a surprise.


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EPISODE 8: Success on Purpose


Cynthia, Michelle, and Alison hold an SGA program to help students prepare for the upcoming career fair and Jared gets interviewed.


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EPISODE 9: Money Problems


Jared struggles with financial management.


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EPISODE 10: Is College A Trap?


Kwame, a senior on campus, believes that college is a trap!

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ATU: The Show Episode 1 Teaser


Watch the teaser of episode one to get a feel for this engaging and innovative college success resource.

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