About the Book

  • Outlines 10 principles for college success (The ATU Method).

  • Explains what each principle is, why students need it to ace the undergrad, and specifics on how to master it.

  • Provides personal examples on how both authors applied each principle in college.

  • A concise read that gets straight to the point.



  • The only college success book to have a FREE supplemental web series and application materials. Acing The Undergrad: The Show.

  • Authors will personally help your college or high school develop a curriculum to use the book in your classrooms.


Great for freshman orientation classes, high school college prep classes, college prep organization readings, and as gifts for high school graduates.




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Acing The Undergrad: Your Personal Mentor

The perfect book for educating students on how to achieve college success!


Acing The Undergrad | acingtheundergrad@gmail.com | 352-278-7878


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A Quick But Incredibly Helpful Read

After having Emeka present in class a few times and I had started taking his advice seriously, I noticed almost an immediate change in my college atmosphere. All of a sudden a ton of hidden opportunities became available, whether it be scholarships, jobs, or campus events. I also got more out of my professors and really made the most out of my semester. I will continue for my last few years to practice his advice because it really does make a huge difference... REST OF REVIEW ON AMAZON.COM